Monday, December 14, 2009

Another new med

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted!

I spent the weekend after my little hospital tour relaxing and being taken care of. My husband was so good to me - my potassium was low, so he made sure I had a banana and a glass of OJ for breakfast every morning, and bought me a multi-vitamin at the store. On Mondays I babysit for a 3-yr-old girl that I absolutely adore. I've been taking care of her since she was 6 months old. The first year and a half were full-time, now I'm down to one day a week. She was in a lazy mood Monday, so I was thankful for that. We snuggled, watched TV, napped, read books, and went and picked out my Christmas tree. That night, I was able to get the house decorated for Christmas.
The next morning, my mom and I drove to McMinnville, OR, to stay at Mcmenamin's Old Oregon Hotel. For those of you not from the NW, McMenamin's is known for taking historical buildings, restoring them, and turning them into quirky hotels. They also brew their own beer, so each location has at least one or two or five bars in it. We went to The Kennedy School a few years ago, and drank a pint or four at the Detention Bar, and watched a movie in a big comfy recliner in the Theater. You can order a beer or a snack at the Theater Bar and take it back to your seat during the movie. Fun!
This McMenamin's property was located in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley wine country, and we wine-tasted our way back north on Wednesday after staying Tuesday night. It was a nice couple of days!

Thursday I had a follow-up appointment with my Doc. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my BP was completely normal. We are both convinced that it was a reaction to the Venlafaxine that shot my blood pressure up so high. As far as my "abnormal" EKG that got me admitted to the hospital - it seems that 5% of the population has this "abnormal" reading as their "normal"...hmmm - I think those odds could be put to so much better use somewhere else...
My doc also thinks I've been on Effexor XR long enough, so he has now prescribed Citralopam. Let's hope I don't have the reaction I did to the Venlafaxine! And I'll be pissed if I gain 40 pounds!!
Awful side effects - here we go again!

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  1. Hi; for what its worth after lots of trial, errors, withdrawls. you know the deal, I was put on citraprolam, its generic for lexapro i believe. Its been great, I guess I'm so depressed I cant tell if i take it. lol. No the only thing is that most people take it at night but my doctor has me take it in the mornings. I guess it doesn't make me tired. Also, it is supposed to be really good for anxiety so it helped me with the depression and anxiety. That could be why she has me take it in day. Now this may sound crazy and I dont know if you have read my whole blog I wont go into all the pain issues just read it if you get a chance. But I told her ten years ago they should prescribe it for pain and I was told by another doctor that they do now. So that would be anxiety, depression, and pain. It has been a life saver for me. I pray that it takes good with you and helps. I never had bad side effects with it; I think at first I may have been a little sick to my stomach for a couple of weeks but that was about it. I have been on it for fifteen years now and did just recenlty have to double my dose but its doing the job. wont bore you with details you will see if you read blog. best of luck to you. I hope that it does the trick....