Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 7 - CRAP

OK, it's Day 7 on the Citalopram and my BP and heart rate are through the roof again. Dammit! I was really hoping this would be the med for me...
Awaiting a call back from the Doc. Meanwhile, my BP is 147/113 and my heart rate is 121.
Well, I'll let you know what happens next. Anyone else having this problem with their meds?


  1. Not really problems with my meds...just my hormones are terribly out of whack, which sort of renders my meds a bit useless. Just hoping I can refrain from running naked down the street tearing out my hair for a little while longer.

    Of course, being 9 months pregnant, I can't really "run" anywhere.

    Hope everything works out for you!

  2. Boy, do I remember those days!
    What a wonderful Christmas present...good luck to you!